Images are better than words

My fall 2010 collection was inspired by sex, tension and the fight between being feminine and strong at the same time… I made 3 mood boards, 2 of them online. The idea is to always have inspiration at hand, and never limit inspiration to one mood-board, be open minded, ask for more…

It is never about creativity. It is about curiosity

Inspiration Fall 2010-Gabriel Orozco

Inspiration Fall 2010-Gabriel Orozco

And then, for the colors, I went to an exhibition at the Tate modern which was amazing. I decided to use the theme of voyeurism. The collage is a mix between two images, the first image is of a strong woman walking in a red dress. The image shows a lot of texture and drapery, which is present in the collection.  The second is an image of a blonde, walking, and being followed by a man, you can only see the shadow of the man, probably the photographer.

Collage of photographs by Callahan and other artists

*See next post to watch the sketches*

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