Fabric Hunting

Fabric hunting has been one of the first issues in the development of this collection. To begin with, I designed part of the collection with a leopard print chiffon fabric which I found at Mood in New York City. *see below

The initial choice, now looks a little to cartoonish

When the moment to buy the actual fabric arrived, I logged into the mood website and realized that they only had a stiff stretch cotton fabric with a trashy animal print! but I ordered the swatch anyways. * see below

Stiff cotton stretch fabric from Mood

How stupid of me to think that during this season, when animal print is the hottest print of Fall, I was going to find the fabric at Mood waiting for me. The search for the most important fabric of the collection started to make me pretty desperate, since, according to my deadline, production is supposed to start in 3 weeks.

When I came to London, one of my plans was to find all the silk fabrics in here. The fabrics come from Italy, India, China, and are supposed to be la creme de la creme. So as a last resort I decided to go to Berwick street and find my fabrics. Let me tell you something, I have never in my life seen the organza that I saw there, the silk jersey, the metallic thread! I was in fashion designer’s heaven. Most important of all, I found the leopard silk chiffon which had the most natural and beautiful print!

Just Right!

My only problem now is that when I do the conversion from pounds into dollars it ends up being almost double the price!!! and they don’t come cheap at all! but, maybe the fabric is more expensive in New York? or costs the same? Well I am only sure of one thing and is that I have never seen the Italian organza that I saw there at Mood in New York, and where else am I going to find the leopard print!?

Ok, calming down and doing some research I realized that the prices (at least in those stores) are very very very high, plus they don’t sell wholesale… Now, I know I will find black silk chiffon anywhere in the world, but what about the animal print? At that point Hen (my other half) who is completing an MBA and understands everything that I don’t (business wise only), comes in very handy *note to designers: always find this type of partner for your business it really helps you not to go broke. When I got home I was jumping up and down, extremely exited about the fabrics that I found. Hen on the other hand, the MBA that he is, looks at me and starts pointing out every single little detail that is going to add costs, be a problem in the future, blah blah blah… you see, this is supposedly the biggest problem between Miuccia Prada and her husband, she dreams of Italian organza and he keeps the company alive.

But yes… bye bye Italian organza, gold silk thread, silk jersey… I have to put my feet on the ground and start all over again. Even if I have to say good bye to the leopard print for the entire collection… (fingers crossed, knock on wood, spt spt spt) I don’t know, the only thing that I know is that designers are problem solvers so…  Fabric hunting time (and I have not even started on all the leather pieces!!)

The dilemma

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