Sketches and Design

The best part of the design process is to DESIGN, obviously. At first I feel a type of fear, and as I start to draw the first line on the empty page, that fear slowly goes away, only to come back when I am done with the hundreds of sketches.

To design a collection of 15 outfits, I design about 50-100 garments, which is nothing compared to 300 or more designs that big designers sketch when designing a collection.



After doing all those sketches, I have to start dropping one by one, until I reach a desired number of garments, in this case 15. This is one of the hardest parts of the process, dropping each outfit feels like saying good bye to a great love affair.  Finally, when all is done, the actual collection is born:

*picture is blurred to protect the design*


An then, more changes, more dropping of outfits… And when everything is done, I have to put them away so I  stop changing everything.

Now… it is only a matter of time from this step to the actual production! Excitement is in the air!!

PS. Fabric hunting? Miami has all my needs in store


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