On Production and more…

After two weeks of working non-stop in Colombia for the production of the T-shirts I am exhausted. As you may know, the hardest thing to do when you have your own small business is finding the courage to give other people responsibility and trust. I went to Colombia not sure of what I was expecting, and came back not only happy with all my stuff but also happy with the amazing people that worked so hard in the country I was born in and love.

Now I am back in Miami, ready to continue my work and very excited with all the products! I decided to do the t-shirts because it  is a great way to reach more clients… after all, we wear t-shirts all the time!

T-shirts are great garments, specially if they have a good fit and are made from great fabric like my t-shirts ;). I used Modal, a fabric made from cellulose which is color-fast and shrinkage resistant. Modal is smooth, soft, great for draping and falls perfectly on the body!


The T-shirts are selling fast and it makes me very happy to see people of different ages wearing them! I love the fact that I sold one to a woman and she also bought one for her daughter! I also love that some of my clients use them to go to work, paired with jeans and a leather jacket or a cardigan… or with leggings and a great pair of shoes… there are so many ways to wear them!

Remember to contact me directly to buy more than one

***For wholesale orders contact me through the website***


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