On doing everything by yourself…


-A beautiful thing is not perfect-

I am very backed up! with orders coming in, and not enough time or money to hire someone, my stress reached the ceiling today.

I have been doing everything by myself! designing, producing, sewing tags, taking photographs, writing the blog, doing the numbers, dying fabric… everything. All my friends who are entrepreneurs said it to me: “you are going to work 24/7” and it is absolutely true.

But I didn’t mean to write three pages of complaining about my lack of sleep. I wanted to write about the liberty and the rewarding feeling of accomplishment.  That feeling of having something that is your own. The feeling of excitement of designing your own clothes and never having trouble finding your own size… And then, seeing girls look beautiful in the clothes you design! that is really fun!

A great example of a “do it yourself” project was the dyeing of one of the dresses of the collection. After going to the stores and offering my products, I got orders on almost all of the t-shirts and some of the dresses except the white maxi dress. I stared to wonder why. I asked Hen an my Mom and both of them said it looked a little too greek. If the dress was going to look Greek, then I was going to make it look like a relic.  Here is a before picture of the Greek dress:

Lets just say that it was absolutely perfect for Halloween if you wanted to do the Greek Goddess type of thing.

At first I decided to make it asymmetrical, so I chopped from the right a piece of the dress. Then, the home-made process begun. I took some English Breakfast tea from Harrods (I don’t really think it made a difference, but I’d like to think that it did), then I filled a bucket with hot water and threw about 10 teabags in the water. When the water was completely dark, I placed the dress inside the bucket and placed the tea bags deliberately in certain areas of the dress, so that it could look like a tie dye that was darker in some areas. Here is a photograph of the dyeing process.



After I  stone washed it, cut some holes into it, and sun-dried it, the dress came out looking good! I love love love the destroyed look. There always is a mystic beauty in old and destroyed things, like the old buildings in Barcelona, the blue doors of Safed, Israel or a used book from Strand in New York. But then, it’s not commercial. I made it… So I decided to keep it… and wear it.

I know that the dye is not that strong, but that small change in color makes a huge difference, and the asymmetry of the dress makes it look less like a custom and more like a wearable dress.

Coming up… the new designs, and some words about recycling old clothes into beautiful things.


5 responses to “On doing everything by yourself…

  1. Me encanta todo lo que haces!!!!!! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti ILY baby

  2. I love it !!! you are full of surprises!!!!! kiss Caro!

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