I want a NYC life

The decision of coming to Florida was never an easy one. Coming back to Florida from New York was supposed to be a transition, I kept repeating to myself, I am going back to New York, I am going back! But then again, in life, you never know where you’ll end up.

I went to New York last week, and it was as breathtaking as always…  I wanted to cry! so beautiful, dirty, fun! The subway, good food, inspiration everywhere, uniqueness… I am deeply in love with it.

Since I made the little guide for London,I decided to write my favorite NYC spots. I mean, New York City has so much to offer! the Ballet, the opera, broadway, shopping, dinning, ice skating. People say that if you are bored in London you are bored in life, which is not true, I was bored in London because London has nothing to offer next to New York! in other words, once you do New York, you never go back!

*I took this picture while the taxi driver was talking to me about an important taxi-catching tip. Never try to catch a taxi in New York City at 4:00pm. Usually they change shifts at 3:30pm, so there will be not a single taxi available from 4:00-5:00, unless you are very lucky or are willing to pay in cash. This will not be a problem, unless you are going to the airport*

So if it is a Friday night, I would usually get dinner at my favorite restaurant in New York, Cafe Gitane. Cafe Gitane is a French-Morrocan restaurant in the heart of Soho. The menu is very unique. I would usually get the avocado toast, the vegetarian cous cous, a watermelon juice, and a  Pinot Noir. Get there early, otherwise you will be waiting 20 minutes or more to be seated.  Always carry cash with you, because most restaurants only accept cash.

After dinner I would stop at Rice to Riches. Rice to Riches looks like an ice cream parlor, the only difference it that it sells rice pudding only. They have every flavor you can imagine, in huge quantities. The signs around the store are funny and the rice pudding is amazing. I love the Caramel or the Hazelnut. Looking around and reading the funny signs will be a great conversation topic for a first date, or a just to have a laugh with friends.

I loved this one.

Then, off to one of the most amazing secrets of New York. La Esquina or The Corner, is a taqueria. It looks like on of those places to eat something fast after partying. During the two years that I was in New York I passed by it, ignoring it, thinking it was just another taqueria in the big city. I had no idea until this trip that under the fast paced restaurant, there was a glamorous brasserie. You go down a set of stairs, through the kitchen, pass a hallway, and you enter a completely different world.

From the Outside,

Under the Taqueria, the brasserie:

Full of people it looks completely different, but my camera won’t take good pictures in the dark. I stole those two pictures from the restaurant’s webpage.

*According to The New Yorker, at La Esquina, you can find the best margaritas in town, I tried them and in fact, they are almost as good as my mom’s*

Saturday I would go to brunch to Elephant & Castle. The wait is long to get a table for brunch, but then again, it is one of the best brunch places in the city. Ask for the eggs and apple benedict’s on a challah French toast, champagne Carlton (way more fun that a mimosa) and coffee with orzata. You will leave this restaurant with a smile on your face.

The restaurant is located on Greenwich ave, just a short walk from hundreds of amazing stores, Darling boutique, Soapology for beauty & bath, Shoegasm (need I say more?)… and many more. If you don’t want to break your wallet, stop by The Market New York City, a local and new designers market where you will be able to get amazing, beautiful and not expensive stuff. By shopping in The Market you will be supporting new talent, and shopping for exclusive items.

I would finish that day by getting to 5th ave and 59th, watching the sunset on the park and then walking to Paris theater next to The Plaza hotel, to watch a foreign film…

tip: Unless you ride a limo, which would be boring in a city like New York, don’t wear heels for a day of walking in The City. The myth from Sex And The City of a girl running in heels in New York City is completely fake…even if you take cabs.

I mean, shopping, food, art.. New York City IS the most amazing and perfect city in the world.

6 responses to “I want a NYC life

  1. This a very good guide for NY lovers like me! Caro heredaste el don de escribir de tu papa.

    Keep writing gorgeus!

  2. Loved it! I love NY too!
    Gracias Caro, me alegraste el día!

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