“I should have listen(ed) to my mom and not trust the guy who plays (the) guitar”- Miss Neutron Bomb.

The connection between music and fashion is very strong. Fashion designers are constantly searching for inspiration in music, and musicians love to dress in outrageous and unique ways. For me music is an important part of my life, it would be impossible for me to create without the music that I love…

One day, while walking down Brick Lane in London, I came across one of Banksy’s  graffitis, I took a picture of it quickly and kept walking. When I got home to see my pictures I saw that next to the graffiti he had written: “one song a day keeps the doctor away”. I loved this phrase. Every time I feel down, it takes a song to make my mind and heart travel to another world. Later on, I printed the photo with Banksy’s artwork and posted it on my inspiration board. I had intentions of working with the graffiti but didn’t know how. Finally, I decided to print the words on the final design of the t-shirt. Below, the picture that started it all:

And here, the final t-shirt. You can also go to the shop link to see the t-shirt in other shapes and colors.

This idea came out great. Clients who usually wear more simple styles of t-shirts, but still want a printed shirt should go for this one since it is simple but cute. Also, you can see the One Song A Day t-shirts being featured in Telemundo’s Aurora.

Now, for new music that inspires, I found a band called Miss Neutron Bomb that really got my attention. Miss Neutron Bomb is a pop/rock duo initially created in Colombia by Laura Carvajalino and Jose Manuel Cubides. Currently they work from London and are planning an euro tour next year. I can only say that their music is anything but mainstream. Rolling Stones Latinoamerica praised Laura’s voice and La W Radio talked about “keeping them in mind” for the future.

I couldn’t agree more. Laura’s voice has a certain something, it is different and unique. And for lyrics lovers like myself, Miss Neutron Bomb’s lyrics are out of this world, fun and sureal, like her voice. When looking at her you discover that she has a beauty that is anything but mainstream. My favorite song is Not a Queen. You can listen to their music for free by clicking the link below:

Also, ask to be added on their e-mail list, and you will receive their song Not a Queen for free

I can’t wait for their single to be out so I can carry around the whole album on my ipod!!!

Lots of love and tell me what you think about Miss Neutron Bomb… don’t forget to share good music with your friends (it can bring world peace).

Music fact #1:  40 billion songs are downloaded illegally every year, that’s some 90% of all music downloads. (How come I don’t even know how to download a song illegally?).

Music fact #2: Beethoven was the first composer who never had an official court position. He was the first freelance musician. He was short, dressed badly, didn’t like to bath, used crude language, openly conducted affairs with married women, and had syphilis…. (rockstar of his time)

Stay tuned because this weekend I am going to Miami’s design district to photograph graffiti art (which apparently I can’t stop talking about).

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