Rainy Day

Denim shirt 1969 Gap, Pants 1969 Gap, Rain coat Gap, Watch Casio, Shoes Cole Haan.

Day #1: Rainy Day…

Today is a dark and rainy day so I decided to put on head to toe denim and a camel rain-coat. Denim works on rainy days, and it makes a perfect combination with camel. As for the shoes, the air violet Oxford pumps from Cole Haan, are one of the most comfortable and gorgeous shoes I own.

Me earrings are from Galeria Cano, a Colombian company that reproduces Pre-Columbian art and jewelry designs. These earrings used to be my mom’s, were chewed by my first dog, and have survived for almost 15 years intact.

On rainy days I like to use dark makeup and usually pull my hair up to prevent frizz. I used Chanel’ purple palette eye shadow and a nude Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

Don’t forget to buy a good umbrella, the $5.00 ones usually flip with the first wind that blows leaving you completely soaked.

Stay tuned for 15 days and if you love it, subscribe!

Stay Dry!



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