Green House

Dress, Carolina Benoit (shop me link), earrings Swarovski, Belt H&M, Boots Steve Madden, Stockings Zara.

Today’s blog, “Green House”,  is inspired by a Jewish holiday, the birthday of trees (Tu b’shevat). With our planet being destroyed by the spending of resources this day has a special relevance; One of Tu b’shevat customs is to plant a tree, I find this custom not only very sweet but also a nice way to give back to the planet which sustains me.

While searching for tree planting websites I found one that I loved: For $1.00 you can plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest which used to be one of earth’s lungs, sadly today only 12% of its original area remains.

Today, the outfit is 100% green. The dress is made from 100% bamboo fabric. Bamboo does not need the use of pesticides and herbicides, it grows quickly, it is hypoallergenic, and extremely soft against the skin. The chains of the dress are from recycled materials, belts and necklaces.  As for the stockings, I didn’t buy them ripped, but instead of throwing them away when they torn I decided to open more holes and keep using them to give a touch of punk to any outfit. Both recycled chains and ripped stockings show ways of  prolonging the life of products which were going to become trash.

Give something to the planet everyday 🙂 turning a light off, spending less time in the shower and walking to work if possible are easy ways to give back to the our planet.

Stay tuned! day #4

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4 responses to “Green House

  1. Hermoso!!! sencillamente divino, me encanta que cuides el planeta!!! siempre lo has hecho!!!!

  2. Me encanta lo que haces, tienes muchisimo talento mi princesa bella

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