Long Live Glamour

Dress Aqua, Necklace (Vintage), Shoes Saks Fifth Avenue, Hair Braid Sephora, Nars Lip pencil (hot peppers red) and a glass of wine.

Day #4 Glamour

can’t live without glamour, I can’t imagine my life without perfume, glitter, cake, and romantic nights.

Many people believe that glamour has to do with money, but it doesn’t.  Others think it has to do with fashion and beauty, but none of these make a woman (or a man) glamorous. Glamour is the way you decide to live your life, a compromise or engagement that cannot be broken easily.

To me glamour is: splashing my favorite perfume, laughing with someone I love, eating amazing food and drinking delicious wine. How do you make your life more glamorous?


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