10 Step Make-Up


1. Clean Face

2. Apply tinting moisturizer with a brush. I don’t recommend foundation since it is too heavy for everyday use and it looks very heavy on the skin. My product is: Laura Mercier Tinting Moisturizer Oil Free.

3. Apply powder only in the T-Zone (Forehead, nose, and chin) DO NOT apply on the cheeks.

4. Apply eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. Don’t apply eyeliner on the inside of the eye, it will make your eyes look smaller, and by noon, you will have black eye boogers everywhere.

5. Apply Eyeshadow. I love this Chanel palette for smoky eyes, however, it might not go with certain skin tones and eye colors, ask a beauty specialist what eyeshadow goes with your skin tone and eye color. For example, my skin has olive tones (greenish) Colors that wouldn’t fit me are: green, yellow or orange. Don’t apply the eyeshadow with the sponges that come with the kit, they are too rough! apply it with an ultra soft brush.

6. Elongate and define your eyebrows. Try a light color and apply it lightly to create a natural look.

7. Try a light mascara during the day, I use this Maybelline great lash mascara, $1.99, and timeless.

8. Blush. I can’t live without it. I use a really deep color from Mac, but that is my style, people like to use more tan or light pigments.

9. Apply lip-liner, start by applying it as seen in the photograph to create more stable lines. (Now I know this picture looks awkward but I wanted to create the visual effect of where to apply the liner)

10. I use this lip palette from Elf (it was $5.00!!!) and it is my favorite in the mornings to add just a little color to my lips.

The Final result is this:

The idea is to look natural and to brighten those features that make you beautiful. So in this case, less is more.

To create this look and the things I can’t live without

EOS lip moisturizer,  Maybelline mascara, Brushes from Sephora, Chanel eyeshadow palette, Nars lipstick, Laura Mercier tinting moisturizer, Mac blush.

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