La Fille Mal Gardée

Play this song while watching the photos:

Tulle dress: Carolina Benoit,  Shoes: Prada, Earrings ??? no idea (gift), Perfume holder: Vintage.

I love this tulle dress not only because it is beautiful but also because I made it out of my mom’s wedding veil, so when I wear it I feel like I am wearing a love story.

La fille mal gardee is a ballet about a couple who are in love and want to marry, but (there is always a but), the girl’s  mother wants her to marry a very wicked, but very rich man; the end is for you to find out but the main idea is that love conquers all, distances, differences and whatever other forces… I have never failed to believe in true, eternal, passionate and explosive love.

ps. Why love? Valentine’s day is around the corner!!! I find it weird that people don’t like this day, I have always loved it!


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