Sneak Peek

Thank you for being with me during these 15 days!  It was great to see how many new people subscribed, sent me questions, and wanted some of my designs!

A Spring 2011 sneak peek is my way of saying thank you!

Stay in touch! I will keep working on the blog more than twice a week since this project was such a big success!

Tank: ???, Blazer: J.Crew, Belt: Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Skirt: Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Shoes Banana Republic.

I will have the complete collection in 2 weeks at the most! So stay tuned, the garments won’t be available for purchase until March, however I will be taking orders.

Thank you for your support and I hope these 15 days served as inspiration or simply as entertainment.

Many of you asked me what camera I use, I use a Sony Alpha with a 55mm lens.

I was also asked where do I get so many cheap and stylish pieces, mainly I shop online. is a great place to buy inexpensive hand made items. But my main technique is that I never stick to a brand or designer, I shop anywhere from flea markets, department stores or forever 21. At last, a combination of good luck and a good eye, you never know what you might find at Off 5th!!!

Keep submitting questions! I will open a tab for Q’S and A’s soon!


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