10 Gifts For Valentine’s Day

1. An extraordinary piece of jewelry.

Every girl loves a piece of jewelry. I’m not a big lover of expensive jewelry because I tend to lose it, and because, I love pieces that are unique, so instead of Cartier, I would rather get a one of a kind handcrafted piece, but that is just me. Carolina Benoit Sweet Candy ring $24.99 shop at http://carolinabenoit.com/sho/

2. A box of chocolates

Who doesn’t Loves chocolate? specially heart-shaped boxes with delicious truffles inside! My favorite chocolates are Vosges Haute Chocolates. They come with different themes like Romeo & Juliet, and amazing flavors: champagne, roses, and even chilli. Valentine’s Collection, Vosges Chocolate shop at: www.vosgeschocolate.com

3. A very cute Puppy

You can buy a puppy (about $1,300.00) or you can adopt a puppy and make the gift even cuter! Don’t forget to put a red bow on the puppy! If your girl is not a big dog lover, there are many other animals you can adopt, rabbits, cats, even fishes… Pet adoptions are free: www.petfinder.com

4. Some sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is more sexy than no clothes and it is a very easy thing to buy, Victoria’s Secret was originally designed for men who wanted to feel comfortable while shopping for their girlfriends or wives, today most lingerie stores follow the same ideal.  Cosabella babydoll. shop at: www.cosabella.com

5. A vintage special something.

Something Vintage can have a lot of significance. Books are a great Vintage gift. In the picture, Le Petit Prince, my favorite book, which was given to me by my parents when I was 9 years old. The other book is a sewing book from the 50’s which I bought at a vintage library shop in Miami, I don’t really use it, but it is significant to me because I am a fashion designer. Shop vintage treasures at: www.littleramonas.com

6. A really cool piece of clothing

I love to own unique pieces of clothing which you can find anywhere but the mall!  There are always small boutiques where you can find beautiful and unique clothes! To shop t-shirts and more:  www.carolinabenoit.com/sho

7. Roses!

A dozen roses never gets old. They are beautiful and romantic. But if your girl doesn’t like roses, there are a thousand different flowers that you can give her: Sunflowers, Tulips, Orchids… My favorite roses are from growers 2 home in Florida: www.growers2home.com their flowers are Colombian and they never fail to deliver on time, but if you are not in Florida 1-800flowers will do.

8. A romantic dinner cooked by you

It is not a good idea to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, the places are packed, the food is not of the best quality and the wait time is absurd. I think it is more romantic to make dinner at home, good wine, candles and food prepared (or ordered in secret) by you will be more romantic that a crowded restaurant. I don’t know how to cook, but this website has been a great help when needed: www.foodnetwork.com

9. A photo-book

This is a gorgeous gift if you have a lot of pictures of you and the person. I make albums from the pictures of the trips I have been on, this one is from my trip to Israel. You can either copy and paste, or you can do it online at: www.shutterfly.com

10. A Gadget

There are so many gadgets to choose from, I love to read, so the kindle was the best gift I could get! To shop for the Kindle: www.amazon.com


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  1. You have some amazing stuff, very talented.
    Keep it up!

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