Classic Beauty

Today, I took these gorgeous pictures of my mom and my little sister. There is something about my mom that makes one stare. She is the definition of timeless beauty and elegance.

On her: J.Crew T-shirt, Gilly Hicks Flip-Flops, Abercombie & Fitch Shorts, United Colors of Benetton Sweater.

On the other hand, the not so classic beauty wore:

Hat Darling Boutique NYC, Bathing suit Gilly Hicks, Skirt Zara, Top Carolina Benoit, Sandals Shoegasm NYC.

And…drank Daiquiri, and…read Reading Lolita in Tehran


4 responses to “Classic Beauty


    that shredded pocket is genius!

    thinking i really must have one, i’d wear it daily

    lovely blog, and even more so lovely designs!
    hello from LadyFlashback-jess

  2. hermosas ,carito nandita, grace ,,
    hermlsas fotos,,,!!

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