Charleston Butterfly



Stockings: my wardrobe, Skirt Carolina Benoit Spring 2011 collection, Cropped T-shirt Carolina Benoit Spring 2011 Collection, Shoes Banana Republic

Forgive me for posting so many entries of my own designs! I had in mind this shoot inspired by Charleston Butterfly of Parov Stellar, and my skirt had the perfect modern Charleston look, perfect for attending a masquerade, drinking champagne and dancing until the sun comes out!

many of you have asked me how I create my messed up hair look, the truth is, I have no idea! my hair looks like this most of the time, in part because I don’t have patience for a blow-dry or any other long lasting hair styling procedure and because I have tons of hair, but no magic products or tips … sadly.

. TREND report.

Next year the 1920s will be huge, with re-make of The Great Gatsby and The Ballet Russes exhibition in London, the 1920’s are having a huge come back, so get your hands on some 1920’s inspired pieces before everyone is wearing Daisy Buchanan’s style.




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