Strange Fruit

Ruby Silk Chiffon Top, Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Taffeta New look Skirt Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Lace Brassiere  La Perla

Remember when I was talking about transparency, and wearing transparent layers with a sexy bra? Well, one of the looks from my collection is exactly that, a transparent top, on a neon color,  which looks great with a black lace bra, or maybe a top under it… The skirt complements the look because it is very feminine, and what is the perfect complement to being sexy? Femininity.

About the rest of my collection, I can’t believe I am so behind! Yesterday I had a break down, my sewing machine broke and I just decided to lay down and watch a Woody Allen movie (his movies make me extremely happy for some reason) But today I finished another look from my collection, tomorrow I will have it ready for the blog.

🙂 Keep coming, and remember to place your orders in advance, each item takes time to make 🙂

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