La Gitane

Skirt Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Tank Forever 21, Vest Carolina Benoit, Hat Banana Republic.

I Love, Love, Love this lace skirt, what else is there to say about it? shop for it at

About my sewing machine incident, I already bought a new one and am planning on finishing everything this week… hopefully! no idea I would feel like I am still in college after graduation, but apparently that is the good thing about being a designer, you never stop having homework.

TGIF (I had no idea what this stood for, until I googled it today!!!!) Apparently I’m getting old…


2 responses to “La Gitane

  1. Hey Caro! que linda la falda!!! :]
    que risa lo de TGIF… yo trabajaba en TGI Fridays, y el dia q entre, uno de los managers no sabia q era TGIF hahahaahhah como q ??! tu trabajas ahi! lol
    Bueno y si, yo tmbn me vine a entrara eso cuando empece a trabajar ( igual estoy hablando de hace uff 4 años. omg. yes, we are getting old! :/
    happy weekend!

    P.S: Tengo tus posts en mi email y los he visto todos! I like them all! Muy bacano que los estes updating frecuente! yo ando igual con mi blog, me encanta! besos

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