Carolina Benoit Spring 2011 Electric Blue Maxi Skirt Silk Chiffon,  Carolina Benoit Italian Lace T-shirt, Enzo Agiolini Shoes, belt GAP.

A skirt like this has been a dream of mine for ever. I am relatively short (5,4″) So I can’t wear long skirts… that is why I designed a skirt like this, the panels open up to show the legs and create an elongating effect, plus the transparency makes the skirt more sensual. The top will be for sale soon too! I just want to take better pictures of it.

I have written on my twitter and facebook statuses the different offers that I have at my Etsy online store: , first, if you buy two items you get reduced or free shipping; Also, if you heart and item on you will receive a 15% off coupon for any item at my store. At last, if you are a facebook follower you get a 10% coupon on your birthday.

The shoes are my mom’s, and are 100% Silk satin, gorgeous but extremely uncomfortable. As for the belt, it was $9.99 at Gap and it is 100% leather! I love the contrast of the caramel with the electric blue. This belt will look gorgeous with the blue stella dress from my collection too.

ps. I have no idea why my hair looks red! it only looks like that on photographs… I wish I was a red-head!!!

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