Profession: fashionista

Lace top Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Skirt J.Crew, Socks Banana Republic, Glasses Chanel, Cole Haan Shoes.

I love when really uptight people ask me what is my “profession” and I reply: fashion designer and blogger, or stylist, or fashionista, they look at me with a big question mark in their faces. I love it too when people assume that making money out of fashion is nearly impossible…  First of all, you have no idea how much fun fashion is. I mean, in any other world taking pictures of yourself with outrageous outfits would be seen as ridiculous, but in the fashion world, it’s seen as fun and creative… then, in what other profession are you allowed to drink wine all day and work with loud music??? beat that investment banker.

Today I decided to take pictures on my workspace because I am working freelance as a stylist this coming weeks, so I don’t have a lot of time to shoot. Also because I wanted to show how I am making the clothes, does this look like a sweat shop? NO! 🙂

ps. Sorry for the messy desk.

My lace top, is finally for sale in all sizes!!! at


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