Life In Technicolor

Skirt Carolina Benoit Spring 2011, Watch Casio, Shirt Banana Republic, Belt Gap, Shoes Repetto

This past week was crazy for me, so I didn’t work on my collection at all!!! I am behind schedule, and I needed to start designing Fall 2011 this past week! I never thought that it could take so much time! I worked freelance this week as a costume stylist; the collection and the blog were on stand by.

Tuesday, I had about 10 orders of the tie dye t-shirts and dresses which I had to bleach, wash, dry and pack. On a rush to finish this, the bleach containers dropped on top of my clothes and ruined my shirt (the one I wear on this photo shoot was originally dark green and purple) and a pair of J.Crew beige pants.  I had nothing to lose, so I simply washed both of them with Lysol et voila, bright pink, perfect for Spring!! So next time you have a bleaching accident, try messing it up even more.

My skirt is now for sale!!! 😉 I love the A line, it is extremely  feminine and romantic! and it reminds me of Paris…



4 responses to “Life In Technicolor

  1. realmente fabuloso! no solo mi diseñadora favorita ,si no una verdadera modelo,, hermosa mi carito !!

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