Lovely for Less than $100.00

Shirt Benetton $29.00, Skirt Free People 32.00, Ring Kate Spade $14.99, Necklace Carolina Benoit 14.99= $91.00

I wanted to do a less than $$$ blog since a long time ago because I never shop full price and people are always asking me where I bought my stuff.

I buy most of my pieces at outlet stores or the internet, and I love to try new designers and hand-made products. Most importantly, I never look for brands (I am not a big brand lover) but I do look for clothes that I like… some I can’t afford, but with a good eye I always find great pieces. All of the outfit of today’s blog is from sale racks, and it was less than $100.00!!! 🙂

Here are some great places where you can find sales and amazing clothing at great prices, this my top-secret shopping list revealed to you: (designers for less) (handmade) (new designers) (amazing  second-hand designer pieces) (cheap fashion people!!!)

Dont forget to visit for inspiration 😉 and to shop for my collection 😉

I haven’t been able to blog a lot because I am working full-time now, but I promise that I will blog more in the future, and that the collection will keep going rain or shine….!

A lot of good wishes for this coming week


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