Teenage Dreams

Selena Gomez-Who Says

Skirt La petite Francaise, Shirt Gap, Scarf Coach, purse Sout & Catalogue.

Today I took these pictures of my 14-year-old cousin, who is much much much taller than me… She actually looks older than me when you see her from behind.

I loved the outfit, because it reminded me of  the Summer I spent in Paris. I used to dress with really ragged and vintage looking clothes… she reminds me of myself when I had her age…

The teenage years bring so much insecurity, fears, and in many cases serious problems, and I honestly believe that family and positive role models make a huge difference in the way teenagers end up becoming adults. And since fashion plays such an important role in many teenager’s life, I just wanted to say, that sometimes fashion portrays a completely surreal world, a world in which women are tall, weight 90 pounds, and are perfect. In reality, what is more beautiful than natural blush from playing sports, a healthy body which is never hungry, enjoying ice cream without worrying, and having some amazing time at school…

ps. She hates her separated teeth, but I actually think they look like Lauren Hutton’s

I can’t believe I am not a teenager anymore, the other day I didn’t even remember how old I was!!!!

Monday I am starting the t-shirt give away so stay tuned 😉


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