Storage and Rack

Shirt Theory, Skirt Vintage Storage & Rack, Belt Gap.

I am back! I think 2 weeks have passed since I last posted !!! It feels like an eternity! I have worked very hard as a Wardrobe Assistant and Art/Props Assistant for Telemundo. Mainly, the job was  to shop and put the sets together… It was a really cool experience, but the hours were crazy!!! I kept coming home exhausted and wanting to sleep all day!

Storage & Rack is an online store that I am opening to sell vintage clothes that follow my design aesthetic and that have a unique twist. I’ve wanted to work on something like this for some time already, and finally the time has come. I am going to alternate between my designs and the vintage stuff and just create looks that are affordable (vintage clothes are very inexpensive! yooohooo).

Be aware when wearing maxi skirts,  specially if you are short like me! always wear it with an elongating top, preferably in a solid color, this makes your torso look longer which will make you look taller. If you can, wear the skirt with heels, skirts cropped at the lower leg look better with heels.

About the t-shirt give away, next week I will be giving away one t-shirt to a lucky winner! I will post instructions on how to win, stay tuned.

6 responses to “Storage and Rack

  1. Saludos Carolina,
    Me gusta mucho tu blog, eres muy bonita (vi todas tus fotos). Soy una fan tuyo deste Canada. Nosé si te gusta ver otros blogs yo te recomiendo este :
    Un fuerte abrazo,

  2. Soy estudiante en la École Supérieur de mode de montréal, en fashion marketing. No tengo la magia que tu tienes pero se reconocer que tienes un lindo talento para cada detalle alrededor de tus fotos. Hice hace un par de meses un estudio en mi universidad sobre los blogs de moda, en el cual resulta que muchas de nosotras las mujeres nos encanta inspirarnos en lo que vemos. Aqui te pongo los blogs mas populares en montréal :


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