Black White and Denim

Same outfit, two skirts, two completely different looks.

Black Wool Skirt Storage & Rack, Shirt Gap, Socks Zara, Necklace Carolina Benoit, Denim Skirt Storage & Rack Vintage.

I have been working on both of my labels at the same time these days and I love it. It feels great to work on two projects that are completely different but work together like a dysfunctional family. Carolina label is the clean-cut sister and Storage & Rack is the more messy and thrifty one.

Both skirt have the same fit, the front buttons are a vintage touch that currently in style, and they give any skirt a completely new twist.  I specially love to wear white shirts, but I am sure there are some very creative girls out there that can give both skirts a more unique look.

Shop the Wool Skirt Here

Shop the denim skirt Here

Shop the message in a bottle necklace Here

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