Fort Lauderdale Affair

This weekend I fell in love with Fort Lauderdale and its old buildings painted in pastel colors… I went to Fort Lauderdale to shop at the Indie Craft Fair, a hand-made heaven where you can shop for one of a kind items made by local designers. If you could not attend the Fort Lauderdale Fair, there will be another indie Bazaar in Brickell Tobacco Road on May 21st 🙂 I will be posting more information soon, but you can always join their Facebook page Here

I met (in person), Just Because Lee Lee who is also a blogger and has her own label of cute handmade bags, you can visit her blog here

Personally, I loved these teacups that double as bird-feeders, just imagine having your garden filled with these, I wouldn’t use them as bird feeders, since I don’t want my garden filled with attacking birds, but I think they would make great decoration for tea-parties. 

Lastly, I went to Le Tub, a hidden hamburger joint, which, according to Oprah has the best burgers on the planet, and has, since then, become a Fort Lauderdale sensation. I loved that there are toilet seats all over the place, and that the building felt crooked. The burgers are great, although I have to say, the size is ridiculous. One burger can easily feed 4 people, and unless someone plans to share with me I am not coming back, I hate to throw food away, but apart from that, the place is beautiful, and the food is delicious. 

Hen is probably going to kill me for posting a picture of him on my blog, he calls it “unprofessional” but, what is less professional than being a blogger for a living? Plus, I love his outfit. I keep telling him he has this effortless Brooklyn style, after all, we were at the Indie Craft Fair.

On me, Gap Dress, Calvin Klein sandals, Head Piece which I bought at the Indie Craft Fair from Xio Kat, Hen wears a J.Crew Shirt and some other random pair of jeans. 😉 

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