Museum Gal

Location, Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, I wear a random jumpsuit from Chinatown, Express Sandals and a Bebe Jacket. 

Ever since I was a little girl museums have held a special place in my heart, art and the exploring of it is an essential part of being a designer. Today I decided to go to the Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale (MoA FL), which is an amazing museum for such a small city; from David Barr reliefs (which are a personal favorite) to Banksy’s Telephone booth, and Picasso’s Pottery, I believe the MoA has a great collection and interesting exhibitions.

I also took some pictures of Las Olas Blv. Gorgeous pastel colors all over the place!

Feel free to steal the art photographs for Mood-boards, inspirations or just for fun!

This is the last week of the competition, enter, it can never hurt to win some free stuff!

Ps. Check out the shop link above, to see where my stuff is selling and to find me elsewhere!

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