Emerald City

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Emerald Blouse Club Monaco Vintage at Storage & Rack, Skirt H&M, Sunglasses Fossil, Turban Headband Carolina Benoit, Harmonica Necklace Carolina Benoit, Earrings Emeralds from my native Colombia, Lipstick Mac Morange, Shoes, Cole Haan. 

After taking a look at Prada’s Spring collection I am very inspired by the 40’s, With all the war’s restrictions it must have been a very hard time to dress. Women used to paint a line with charcoal behind their legs to replace the stockings which weren’t permitted during the war… It was a time to dress creatively…

My recent buys… Mac Morange Lipstick (absolutely love it!) and my sunglasses, which everyone keeps asking me where I got, and if they are Tom Ford, are actually Fossil!!!

I am in love with… Emeralds!!! I don’t know why, but recently I am crazy about those green stones. I have looked through my jewelry box and pulled all the vintage emeralds I can find! I just think they are much more fun than diamonds 😉

To complete my look, I am wearing my harmonica necklace, which brings me back to my childhood, I used to die for an harmonica, when I finally got it was almost impossible for me to learn how to play it, I didn’t have enough coördination to blow and move my hand at the same time. The necklace harmonica actually works.

Shop the turban here (Waitlist for the Turban)

Shop the top here (Sorry the top sold out)

Shop the Necklace here (wait list for the necklace 😉 


4 responses to “Emerald City

  1. how are you in nyc and I didnt know about you…love your style
    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  2. i’m mad about that turban, i want to try and make one myself! and you have a lovely lovely blog 🙂


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