Postcard from Miami

Buena vista social club-CHAN CHAN

Bathing Suit H&M, Denim Shirt 1969 Gap, YES necklace Carolina Benoit, Scarf Vintage Storage & Rack, Sunglasses Vintage, Wedges Calvin Klein, Beach Purse J.crew

After my recent trip to NYC I came back to Miami thinking what an amazing city this is. Perfect weather year round, gorgeous beaches, amazing restaurants, warm people (or latin people for that matter, everywhere!) blame it on Hen who has convinced me to stay in Miami, but suddenly I fell for its love spell.

There is one unattainable thing for me…tanning. A history of skin cancer in my family and what I call a “wrinkle – phobia” have made me a freak when it comes to tanning… Instead of spending hours under the sun, I wear La Roche  30 SPF Sunblock, Laura Mercier  15 SPF tinting moisturizer and L’oreal Sublime Bronze one day tinting gel on my body. The L’oreal gel you do have to apply every day, and it won’t stay on if you take a shower… 😉 But if you do love to tan, do it, but don’t over do it. Sun wrinkles, red skin, and tan lines are absolutely a NO… Specially white tan lines AGH!!  hate them.

The scarf is one of my Vintage pieces at Storage & Rack, shop for it HERE  if there is a listing you like at Storage & Rack and when you click on it a window that says: “the listing doesn’t exist” opens, the item was bought :(…  However, check out the page once in a while, since I usually post items every day 😉 .

And please, vote for me at, all you have to do is create and account and click on orhere. And vote for me with 5 stars (2nd row 3rd photo) I only need 1 more star to match the other 2 winning contestants. If you already voted THANK YOU! :*

At last, I wanted to mention an amazing shopping website,, this is the Gilt of Latin American luxury designers, and if you refer 3 friends you get $10.00 to shop ;). Currently they have a contest open for fashion designers who wish to experience NYC fashion week check it out here. Don’t miss that amazing opportunity! it comes once in a lifetime>

Wish you all were here ❤ Besos from Miami!

6 responses to “Postcard from Miami

  1. WOW do you have an amazing body!!! Cheeky Bottoms are the way to go!!!

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  2. Coucou Carolina!

    Je te cherche sur Facebook et je ne te trouves pas.
    Je t’invites à me rajouter à tes amis pour suivre l’actu de Cahier de Tendances.

    Des bisous, m.

    Website :
    Facebook :
    Twitter :!/cahiertendance

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