House In Ruins

Vintage Jumper from Storage & Rack, Cole Haan Shoes, Carolina Benoit Bracelet (1 only), Swarovsky earrings, Carolina Benoit Headband Turban in Silver .

The past week was a big week for Carolina Benoit, the label is now selling at 8-Limbs boutique in LA, and I was interviewed by HE from Fashion by He as HotHE of the week (The interview is not up yet but will be soon ; ) At last, I am about to introduce The Summer transition collection, so bear with me if I don’t update the blog as often, I promise great posts in return.

What about a gorgeous jumpsuit and a turban? I got this 1990’s jumpsuit in New York ❤ I was hesitant to put it up for sale at Storage & Rack, but finally I said yes..  The jumpsuit is in perfect condition, and I am guessing is the work of a young designer because there are no tags or visible  marks of tags.

If you love a piece from Storage & Rack get it as soon as you see it, they usually last from 2-5 days up, and if they last longer eventually people decide. Remember that these vintage pieces are all in perfect condition and have good finishes.

The turbans are my bestsellers, so I decided to make them in different colors, I have now, silver, gold and leopard, as well as purple and neon yellow, the last upon request only. ❤ order yours before the Summer is over!

At last, I wanted to shout to all my Latin American and European clients. Most people ask me if I ship and sell outside the US. The answer is yes, 90% of my sales are outside the US so if you are outside, contact me and we can arrange payment options and shipping ❤ and you will get your item in no time!!!

Summer is here! is your wardrobe ready? 🙂




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