The Inferno

T-Shirt Carolina Benoit, Skirt Carolina Benoit, Shoes Miu Miu 

Maxi skirts ❤ I am crazy about them! They make the body look long and lean and they can dress you up-down in a minute. And red is such a gorgeous color for the Summer or Fall.

On PR news, I was interviewed by Fashion by He as HottHe of the week (as in fashion HottHe) Read the interview HERE 

Also, my swimsuits are here and they are receiving a lot of publicity! It was very flattering to see that the bathing suits appeared in (Kaboodle is a social shopping website owned by Hearst corporation, the same owners of Baazar magazine) See the article on bathing suits HERE and Channel your inner diva.

Shop the t-shirt HERE

Shop the Skirt HERE

Coming Soon… My engagement photos 🙂 don’t miss it


One response to “The Inferno

  1. Hi!

    Pretty, pretty! Congrats on the success with the swimsuit collection and interviews!

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