Pink Fever

Click Here for some music: Aerosmith-Pink

Dress Carolina Benoit Summer, Shoes Dolce & Gabbana, Necklace Godiva, Sunglasses Urban Outfitters, Earrings Vintage.

Beauty Picture items: Book, Macarons by Annie Rigg, Nail Polish O.P.I, Lipstick Ives Saint Laurent Rouge PUR #22, Perfume Joe Malone Rose, Dices Las Vegas Souvenir. 

For some reason I have always been crazy about pink! Since I was a little girl I find pink just perfect! Pink reminds me of cotton candy, roses and Barbie! To me it is a comfort color. Love it or hate it, one thing is right, to wear pink you have to be brave.

Facts about pink:

– It is symbolic of happiness and joy

– Medieval men loved pink in their clothes

– Pink walls DO NOT make you crazy, in fact some prisons paint their walls pink to calm prisoners down.

Well I hope you enjoyed the music! and you know where to shop for everything!

Dress HERE

Keep healthy this Summer! It was so hot and sunny today in Florida I could barely walk!!! 🙂 Pink kisses to you all!


4 responses to “Pink Fever

  1. In my book, “A girl can never go wrong with too much Pink!” That is a veryyyyyy pretty dress and not just because it’s pink.

  2. these photos are amazing! that pink on you is just perfect! Wish I could wear this colour… but I have this phobia of it clashing with my hair colour! haha

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