Neon Yellow Tulips



Top Carolina Benoit, Skirt Carolina Benoit, Shoes Diane Von Furstenberg, Purse Yves Saint Laurent, Lipstick Mac, Sunglasses ??? (NYC find), Nailpolish Nars, Bracelet Necklace Carolina Benoit

All I can say is that people who hate neon have no idea how to wear them. I used to hate neon stuff, but I think with a polished look neon is more attractive than any other color. Take nature as an inspiration this Summer and get some neon in your wardrobe ASAP, before fashion goes all white black and boring again.

Love my Gaga Sunglasses? Great NYC find for $15.00!!! I love them.

Take advantage of my free consultation for Styling/Personal Shopping, even if you don’t live in the US. I am already working on some fashion cases over seas with the help of Skype!

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Shop the Tulip Skirt HERE

Shop the Top HERE

Necklace/Bracelet on special requests only.


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