Big News

Shorts Carolina Benoit, Blouse alter ego, Bag Yves Saint Laurent, Small Clutch Lidabri, Unicorn and Leopard rings UNICO Buenos Aires, Necklace Carolina Benoit, Shoes Cole Haan, Hat Banana Republic. 

*(all the items in bold letters can be bought from me)*

Shop the shorts HERE (Available in Black)

Shop the Necklace HERE 

Shop the blouse and Lidabri Clutch HERE

I have a big and happy announcement! I am opening my first Boutique/Studio space in Aventura! I am really happy about this step not only because I am working with amazing designers from all over the world, but also because I have dreamed of a store like this for a long time now.

Usually we tend to think that when we buy products we are buying a dream, but what happens when this products are mass-produced with no conscience or thought? when you start to wear a uniform instead of a piece of art full of individuality and uniqueness?

My dream store is full of treasures. It is like a shuck full of spices, bargains, thrifty finds, luxury items, fine leather, dreamy home accessories, one of a kinds, hand crafted jewelry and colorful clothes… So much luxury at my hands from designers as far off as Israel and Thailand. Everything hand-made, hand-crafted, from designers who have amazing talents. This is all I can say for now, as well as leave you with a sneak peek! We open doors on September. Do you want to come here? Start by making your complimentary appointment for personal styling and shop like the princess you are without paying extra.

We all worked very hard painting (Hen, Natalie who is my business partner and owner of Nuance by Natalie and my uncle painting the place)


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