The Raven

Dress Carolina Benoit Fall, Shoes DV, Jewelry now available at WEAR&HOUSE Boutique. 

To pre-order any of the items shown contact me at: carolinabenoitshop(at)gmail(dot)com

Hen and I were invited to The Camus Cognac tasting at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami and it was fantastic! I was dressed in one of my favorite new pieces from my Fall collection. This pictures do no justice to the dress, which is 100% Italian silk, pre-washed, giving the silk a peach skin look… I paired the dress with jewelry from a Canadian designer, whom I will announce properly at the grand-opening party. The jewelry is handmade and inspired by nature (the dark side of it). I love the uniqueness and the beauty of each design. If you love any of the pieces and wish to pre-order contact me 🙂

As for the store news… stay tuned because I will give you sneak peaks of selected designers who will be featured at the store! and the possibility to pre-order all items!


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