Everyone deserves a personal stylist!

Take a ride into a new boutique concept

Gorgeous pearls, onyx and glittery stuff

 It is never winter in Miami

Lovely Handmade Leaf necklace  (made from a real leaf)

What sexy should look like

I love these key chains! I even kept one for my self, 100% handmade, leather from Italy!

My best sellers ❤ Do you have one yet?

Feathers are one of Fall’s biggest trends, and we have them in store!

Quality leather clutch, with small card holders, what else do you need for a girl’s night out? 

Our fitting room looks like the balconies with hanging clothes in Barcelona, I love the nostalgia it inspires! 

I am a fan of gorgeous, hand crafted Italian leather goods… and these belts are the perfect example of what I call a real belt! 

My cactus which was a gift from my best friend Juliana, goes perfectly with the organic wood furniture. 

❤ Come visit Wear & House! and be ready  treated like a queen! complimentary wine, sweets and a personal styling appointment ❤ also, check us out on Yelp for a great deal…


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