All The Sweet Things

New arrivals at WEAR&HOUSE boutique! and all the sweet things, because it is always Summer in Miami ❤

I am very happy with my boutique, it has been very succesful and it has brought lots of new customers and fans! For me it is a great way to give a personalized service to my special customers.

Many people have given me positive feedback and have told me that they were waiting for a boutique like this in Miami for a long time.

This is how WEAR&HOUSE  works: You look inside your closet and realize you need to go shopping and the only option in Miami is the mall. The last time you shopped at the mall: #1. it was very crowded, #2. there was no parking, #3. you found out that everyone is buying the same things… so you decide to come to WEAR&HOUSE  were you shop in privacy for one of a kind items and were to top it off, you get coffee, sweets and even champagne if needed 😉 Personal styling complimentary, good prices and the security that you’ll be the only one wearing the clothes you bought! Come with a friend or recommend friends, and each time they buy something you get points; 5 points=$5.00 store credit!

If you are a far away fan, my online store has all the needs and more! you can ask for a personal styling questionnaire and I will put together an album with the new stuff that fits your style.

and now ASOS!

And I am sorry that my blog has been very forgotten lately! with more items coming in everyday it is very hard to choose from all the beautiful pieces!


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