The Life Of A Pirate

What are you going to be for Halloween?

All from WEAR&HOUSE, where else do you find lambskin shorts for $200.00? Hand painted scarfs from Paris? And unique pieces of Jewelry?

If you would like to shop for this items, visit my boutique online to check availability:

I am in love with Halloween, I see it as a month of fun and time to act foolishly… Why not be a pirate this Halloween? If you love October as much as I do, make sure to sign up for our Mascarade at WEAR&HOUSE on October 27th 2011.

There is also a very important thing that happens on October and that is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will be having a lady’s night out to celebrate, raise funds and drink on Thursday the 20th of October make sure to sign up (We will donate 20% of sales on pink products to the breast Cancer Foundation)

And… if you have Halloween costume ideas or photos make sure to email me, I love to see cool costumes!


One response to “The Life Of A Pirate

  1. Hi love your stuff, congratulations. Although I believe that your products are not begin enhanced in your pictures. I am a professional photographer, just in case you need any service I have attached my link:

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