Lazy Sunday

Shoes Michael Kors, Jeans Wear&House, Shirt Banana Republic, Necklace Wear&house, Sunglasses Dior, Watch Casio, Bracelets Carolina Benoit for West Elm, Belt Vintage, Bag Kooba

This is my Sunday stroll outfit… Hen loves to see me in Jeans since I spend most of my time in high heels and skirts. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Miami, Maroosh. Maroosh is the best Mediterranean restaurant in Coral Gables. Personally I feel strange wearing jeans or pants and would never wear them without heels, but I have to say it feels great to stroll down the street without worrying about my skirt flying away on a windy day.

I love my genuine stone bracelets. My favorite is the rose quartz, which is often called the “Love Stone” because apparently it brings self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. And wearing a bunch of them with a Casio vintage watch is a eye catcher.

I am very exited about my up-coming event at WEAR&HOUSE! I am in for anything that includes tea, champagne, french macaroons and shopping! Classy Black Sunday will be a shopping tea party; We will prepare a wall full of envelopes with special discounts and one envelope with a $50.00 gift card! 🙂


Please share this invite with your friends! I am sure that your shopaholic friends in Miami, they will thank you forever about my boutique! there is nothing better than shopping in private one of a kind designer items at affordable prices!











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