Love Is In The Air

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One of the best things we can have in life is love. Starting with love for ourselves…

This morning I woke up and I did the same thing I do every morning, I took my phone and started to check my email, Facebook, and Twitter. Half asleep I found an article by an Etsy Blogger (which can be found HERE ), in the article the author talked about having 20 minutes for yourself before the day starts… It might sound like a short time, but finding 20 minutes in a day is very challenging for me.

I feel tht during the pasts months I fell into the endless circle of having no time for myself, and starting to put my body through each day on an auto-pilot mode. I decided to take action this new year and made myself a fixed schedule. I promised myself to turn off the cellphone at night, organize my time better, and find a balance between work, home and my mind.

One hour in the morning for myself makes all the difference in my attitude towards the world and my creativity, and I am very surprised at how the day seems longer since I decided to keep a routine.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? 🙂 anyone on a special diet? regime? routine? What are your goals for this new year?


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