The Town Of Blue Doors Zefat – Israel

My Israeli in-laws were hesitant to visit Zefat, on the outside this town looks like an average artisanal town, however it’s true beauty lyes on the deep alleys, where the artists colony is.

This guy was selling Almond juice, we couldn’t leave without the recipe of this extremely refreshing and protein filled juice: almond powder (it has sugar) water, and almonds, that’s all he said.

Zefad is a very religious town filled with artists, and it is host of one the oldest Synagogues in Israel.


The Torah’s ark of one the oldest synagogues in Israel made from colorful carved wood.

The town has many alleys like this one, and all the doors and windows, are light blue… for some reason there is so much peace here.

Wearing J.crew Dress and J.Crew Top


Wearing an eyelet dress from my Studio, Stella & Lori Bag, J.crew Shirt.

At night we went to a concert by Israeli singer Shlomo Artzi, who has fans ages 60-8 ??? (He seems like a mix between Justin Bieber and Bob Dylan, and has some really passionate groupies) Although I didn’t understand anything, his melodies are absolutely amazing.

A while ago I read on Time-Out Israel, a piece named: 10 reasons to love Israel, number 5: The prostitutes, policemen, street cleaners, and convenience store owners are all…. Jewish 🙂


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