Metzada, The Dead Sea, And Haifa Beach

And so… the road trip continues

Ethereal Mountains….

I wore a dress (Alexa Chung Dress) my Stella & Lori bag, and a pair of Gap shoes.

On the horizon, the Dead Sea

The ruins of the fortress of Metzada, the history behind this place is amazing, read more about it here

Although I took many pictures of the sea, I have to say that it looks better from far away;  the Dead Sea looks and feels like a very salty hot soup… So I rather keep the memories to myself, until you visit this place someday…

———————————–HAIFA BEACH———————————————-

The beach hot spot in Haifa is the “Camel” as in the Cigarettes, hence the huge sign.

As always, my inseparable J.Crew Denim shirt, and a bathing suit from my past summer collection.

Walk through any of the beaches in Israel and you’ll find tons of people playing matkot, even if a huge signs prohibits it in many of these places…

The trip continues so stay in touch and drop me a line in the comments section 🙂


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