Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

At the Kotel

On the outsides of the old city, I wore a vintage 1950’s skirt, which I bought here

and a Banana Republic Shirt.

Spices at the Shuck in Jerusalem

Jerusalem makes your heart melt, I recommend spending about 3-6 days here, sadly we only stayed for 6 hours in Jerusalem…  and then off to Tel Aviv!

———————————————–TEL AVIV—————————————-

Bauhaus architecture

Like any metropolitan city Tel Aviv is full of trendy restaurants, artists, and shops… we spent our day mostly walking around the city, shopping, and eating around different places.

Visiting Israel is a must if you are open to new things and if you like adventure! Once you visit this amazing country, and its hidden towns, you’ll want to come back for more.

For my Israel fashion finds, visit my Facebook Page and Album:  CLICK HERE

Also… Stayed tuned for my closet SALE! I joined Copious, a fashion community that lets you sell your closet, and trade with other fashionistas, and most of my wardrobe will be on sale at the website…


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