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Ready, Set, GO!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you are as excited as I am for 2013! This new year is full of new projects, new goals and new surprises that I can’t wait to share with all of you! Here are some sneak-peeks for 2013…

1. 5 Girls night outs – Remember my 26 dreams list where I shared some meaningful goals for 2013? One of my ideas was to host five fun girls night outs and with time rushing by I need to start soon! It didn’t take long to have my friends RSVP to my DIY Girls Night Out Party. Next Thursday, the party theme is: DIY BATH SCRUB. Stay tuned for the Girls Night Out Day and for ideas on how to make your own party.


2. Monthly styled photo shoot with Jackie from Three Brooklyn Photography – I guess some of you noticed that the blog pictures suddenly got better! I own that to Jackie Segedin from Three Brooklyn Photography. Jackie is a girl who like me is starting her own business and has amazing creative ideas. She and I decided to come together to bring you a styled photo shoot each month, for inspiration, trends or just for fun! Stay tuned at the beginning of each month.

IMG_1619Body Suit by SaintChic, Shorts by Steel Age (Available at my studio) Photo by Three Brooklyn Photography.

3.  My Handmade Wedding – I am finally getting married to the man of my life in a religious ceremony later this year. This is the most personally inspiring project of my life and I can’t wait to share it with you step by step! I decided to go for a locally hand-made wedding, where most of my vendors are starting their own businesses, friends are helping me out with some DIYs and I am designing and working on The dress! This is such an exciting time for me and by sharing it with you I plan on receiving feedback, inspiration and support ♥


♥♥♥♥♥ Lots of LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥



Fort Lauderdale Affair

This weekend I fell in love with Fort Lauderdale and its old buildings painted in pastel colors… I went to Fort Lauderdale to shop at the Indie Craft Fair, a hand-made heaven where you can shop for one of a kind items made by local designers. If you could not attend the Fort Lauderdale Fair, there will be another indie Bazaar in Brickell Tobacco Road on May 21st 🙂 I will be posting more information soon, but you can always join their Facebook page Here

I met (in person), Just Because Lee Lee who is also a blogger and has her own label of cute handmade bags, you can visit her blog here

Personally, I loved these teacups that double as bird-feeders, just imagine having your garden filled with these, I wouldn’t use them as bird feeders, since I don’t want my garden filled with attacking birds, but I think they would make great decoration for tea-parties. 

Lastly, I went to Le Tub, a hidden hamburger joint, which, according to Oprah has the best burgers on the planet, and has, since then, become a Fort Lauderdale sensation. I loved that there are toilet seats all over the place, and that the building felt crooked. The burgers are great, although I have to say, the size is ridiculous. One burger can easily feed 4 people, and unless someone plans to share with me I am not coming back, I hate to throw food away, but apart from that, the place is beautiful, and the food is delicious. 

Hen is probably going to kill me for posting a picture of him on my blog, he calls it “unprofessional” but, what is less professional than being a blogger for a living? Plus, I love his outfit. I keep telling him he has this effortless Brooklyn style, after all, we were at the Indie Craft Fair.

On me, Gap Dress, Calvin Klein sandals, Head Piece which I bought at the Indie Craft Fair from Xio Kat, Hen wears a J.Crew Shirt and some other random pair of jeans. 😉 

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