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Walking Among The Flowers

Beyond Miami’s gorgeous beaches and all the night life there are many places to find peace and culture. One of the most beautiful places in Miami is the Fairchild Botanical Garden… The photographs don’t do justice to this place.

Madagascar… Cactus.

The first time I saw a Baobab was at Fairchild, and it really touched my heart… Baobabs have a strong meaning in my life and looking at one and being amazed by its beauty and size is really something.

The Zen Lotus gardens are also breathtaking, and full of peace.

Nature’s Hearts

I took this opportunity to browse for inspiration for the coming collections… This dead leaf is perfect for color charts, and the leaves below are perfect to create silhouettes and textures

There is a small river that crosses the gardens. Cold clear water cools the hot Miami day.

Nature’s Colors.

This leaf was almost my size!

I wore: Banana Republic Skirt (This skirt is almost Vintage, I think is 5 years old or more), a J.crew Sweater, Tory Burch Belt, Street Spardilles, Dior Sunglasses, Kate Spade Bag. 

To visit Fairchild: www.fairchildgarden.org ***Recomendations***Don’t go on a hot summer day, drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes and a camera is a must!



Long Live Glamour

Dress Aqua, Necklace (Vintage), Shoes Saks Fifth Avenue, Hair Braid Sephora, Nars Lip pencil (hot peppers red) and a glass of wine.

Day #4 Glamour

can’t live without glamour, I can’t imagine my life without perfume, glitter, cake, and romantic nights.

Many people believe that glamour has to do with money, but it doesn’t.  Others think it has to do with fashion and beauty, but none of these make a woman (or a man) glamorous. Glamour is the way you decide to live your life, a compromise or engagement that cannot be broken easily.

To me glamour is: splashing my favorite perfume, laughing with someone I love, eating amazing food and drinking delicious wine. How do you make your life more glamorous?