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White Chocolate and Raspberry

French Lace Blouse by Carolina Benoit, Black Silk Pants by Renatta Lozano

to Shop for the lace top : carolinabenoit.etsy.com

This summer calls for a sweet tooth in fashion, I really can’t stop thinking about cake, macaroon, candy and caramel! Anything sweet but how do we translate it into fashion? Sweet lace, Icing textures, candy colors and a lot of romance!

All of my new clothes come with handmade finishes, hand burnt, hand sewn, french seam, silk trims and with a chain and charm that is also a necklace. I specially loved this top because it is romantic, yet very versatile, we can wear it during the day with a cardigan and jeans, and at night with a pair of silk pants like the ones in the picture of Renatta Lozano (She is a Colombian Fashion designer, check her out HERE)

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Have a great week filled with sweet candy-like fashion! 


Isla Morada


My grandfather turned 85, and we celebrated his birthday by taking all the family to Isla Morada, we even had a bonfire!

What did I wear on this short weekend? A long mesh dress by up and coming designer Carolina Sepulveda (Her label is ALDEA) the most comfortable and socially responsible piece of clothing I ever wore… like her on facebook HERE and watch for her, she is one of the upcoming Colombian talents.

And the last outfit is all from the designers at my studio 🙂 Lovely ah?

Come join us at the studio this weekend 🙂 We are having a trunk show, sweets, games…. and we’ll help you choose the dress for any Valentine’s day plans you have!

Love you all and have a romantic Valentine’s day ❤