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What I’m Thankful For This Year



I am a very lucky girl because every year I have lots of things for which I’m thankful and happy for. Last year one of my dreams came true, I was able to open my studio and boutique. I can’t lie to you, it has been very hard, as most small business owners say, you end up working 24/7 and sometimes frustration can take a hold of your best senses! But with hard work and dedication I have been able to grow my business and slowly turn it into a small fashion line!

Recently, to commemorate my first year in business, I decided to give my studio a makeover, and host a bloggers tea party, take a look below for our new look and drop me a line with your thoughts!










Left,  blogger Kirsten Marie, Center, Daniella our merchandising intern, right, me.



Some of the designers, bloggers and interns!



I also have to thank Jackie at Three Brooklyn Photography, for really helping me create beautiful pictures, and understanding my ideas and taking this gorgeous photos!


Thank you Daniella Garcia, who is bringing great energy and ideas to our studio and helped me host the most fabulous blogger’s tea party!

Thank you to my husband and family who believe in my dreams more than anyone in the world!


And thank YOU! for reading my blog, following me and supporting my dream! You are really helping me make this happen!


Have a happy thanksgiving with your family or friends ❤



















Walking Among The Flowers

Beyond Miami’s gorgeous beaches and all the night life there are many places to find peace and culture. One of the most beautiful places in Miami is the Fairchild Botanical Garden… The photographs don’t do justice to this place.

Madagascar… Cactus.

The first time I saw a Baobab was at Fairchild, and it really touched my heart… Baobabs have a strong meaning in my life and looking at one and being amazed by its beauty and size is really something.

The Zen Lotus gardens are also breathtaking, and full of peace.

Nature’s Hearts

I took this opportunity to browse for inspiration for the coming collections… This dead leaf is perfect for color charts, and the leaves below are perfect to create silhouettes and textures

There is a small river that crosses the gardens. Cold clear water cools the hot Miami day.

Nature’s Colors.

This leaf was almost my size!

I wore: Banana Republic Skirt (This skirt is almost Vintage, I think is 5 years old or more), a J.crew Sweater, Tory Burch Belt, Street Spardilles, Dior Sunglasses, Kate Spade Bag. 

To visit Fairchild: www.fairchildgarden.org ***Recomendations***Don’t go on a hot summer day, drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes and a camera is a must!


Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

At the Kotel

On the outsides of the old city, I wore a vintage 1950’s skirt, which I bought here

and a Banana Republic Shirt.

Spices at the Shuck in Jerusalem

Jerusalem makes your heart melt, I recommend spending about 3-6 days here, sadly we only stayed for 6 hours in Jerusalem…  and then off to Tel Aviv!

———————————————–TEL AVIV—————————————-

Bauhaus architecture

Like any metropolitan city Tel Aviv is full of trendy restaurants, artists, and shops… we spent our day mostly walking around the city, shopping, and eating around different places.

Visiting Israel is a must if you are open to new things and if you like adventure! Once you visit this amazing country, and its hidden towns, you’ll want to come back for more.

For my Israel fashion finds, visit my Facebook Page and Album:  CLICK HERE

Also… Stayed tuned for my closet SALE! I joined Copious, a fashion community that lets you sell your closet, and trade with other fashionistas, and most of my wardrobe will be on sale at the website…

Metzada, The Dead Sea, And Haifa Beach

And so… the road trip continues

Ethereal Mountains….

I wore a dress (Alexa Chung Dress) my Stella & Lori bag, and a pair of Gap shoes.

On the horizon, the Dead Sea

The ruins of the fortress of Metzada, the history behind this place is amazing, read more about it here

Although I took many pictures of the sea, I have to say that it looks better from far away;  the Dead Sea looks and feels like a very salty hot soup… So I rather keep the memories to myself, until you visit this place someday…

———————————–HAIFA BEACH———————————————-

The beach hot spot in Haifa is the “Camel” as in the Cigarettes, hence the huge sign.

As always, my inseparable J.Crew Denim shirt, and a bathing suit from my past summer collection.

Walk through any of the beaches in Israel and you’ll find tons of people playing matkot, even if a huge signs prohibits it in many of these places…

The trip continues so stay in touch and drop me a line in the comments section 🙂