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Beach Wedding Dreams…

Photography by Best Photography, FL. Styling by www.jenniferaquilia.com

Tulle Dress, by Carolina Benoit (Upon Request), Layered Tulle Dress (Upon Request), Cream and Black dress by Carolina Benoit. 

I dream of a beach wedding! Breeze touching us, no shoes, and hair blowing in the wind… Just the perfect balance between a glam and relaxed wedding. And OHHH! The lavender arrangements, they are absolutely perfect!

What are your wedding dreams? ♥ Share Share Share!


Walking Among The Flowers

Beyond Miami’s gorgeous beaches and all the night life there are many places to find peace and culture. One of the most beautiful places in Miami is the Fairchild Botanical Garden… The photographs don’t do justice to this place.

Madagascar… Cactus.

The first time I saw a Baobab was at Fairchild, and it really touched my heart… Baobabs have a strong meaning in my life and looking at one and being amazed by its beauty and size is really something.

The Zen Lotus gardens are also breathtaking, and full of peace.

Nature’s Hearts

I took this opportunity to browse for inspiration for the coming collections… This dead leaf is perfect for color charts, and the leaves below are perfect to create silhouettes and textures

There is a small river that crosses the gardens. Cold clear water cools the hot Miami day.

Nature’s Colors.

This leaf was almost my size!

I wore: Banana Republic Skirt (This skirt is almost Vintage, I think is 5 years old or more), a J.crew Sweater, Tory Burch Belt, Street Spardilles, Dior Sunglasses, Kate Spade Bag. 

To visit Fairchild: www.fairchildgarden.org ***Recomendations***Don’t go on a hot summer day, drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes and a camera is a must!


Carolina Benoit Lookbook

I’m very happy to show you part of the look book of the Spring / Summer 2012 collection. It took almost 6 months to create, we feel it came out just right! You can shop for the pieces now on Etsy. Most designs come in S and M and only 2 of each piece were produced. Shop for them here: WWW.CAROLINABENOIT.ETSY.COM

Contact me to order and drop us a line with your comments 🙂

A special thank you to Paula Velasquez for helping us out with the photography!

And… what do you think about our gorgeous mascot? her name is Tutti, she is a 10 month old Yorkie


Clock Key Necklace 

Ever wonder what happens to old clock parts? I use them to make necklaces! 

I love these vintage hotel fobs for two reasons, one when you order you have no idea what number you will receive, two can you imagine all the stories behind each hotel door? 

My mom is crazy about this pocket watch necklace! It is a show stopper

Top Vintage, Skirt from my boutique (contact me to pre-order it) Shoes Michael Kors, Necklaces Carolina Benoit

There was nothing more inspiring than seeing Kate Moss wedding photographs in Vogue. She brought back romance in fashion. I loved this skirt the lace is super soft, and the waistband is so comfortable… I am also crazy about my new “monster shoes” (that is how my mom calls them) They make me look  7″ taller, and they are very comfortable.

Lots of people were asking me about buying my items online on christmas! Since I realize that the only reason people are hesitant to shop online is the shipping costs, I created a coupon you can use now: XMAS11  to receive free shipping at my online store http://www.etsy.com/shop/carolinabenoit

Also, all of my items come gift wrap, so no extra wrapping and packaging costs! Regarding shipping times: for people outside of the US, it takes up to 20 business days, inside of the US 3-5 business days. However, I always recommend when buying christmas presents to buy them on November. USPS always has a hard time keeping their shipping times.

If you have questions, contact me, I am always here to help my costumers!

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