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Clock Key Necklace 

Ever wonder what happens to old clock parts? I use them to make necklaces! 

I love these vintage hotel fobs for two reasons, one when you order you have no idea what number you will receive, two can you imagine all the stories behind each hotel door? 

My mom is crazy about this pocket watch necklace! It is a show stopper

Top Vintage, Skirt from my boutique (contact me to pre-order it) Shoes Michael Kors, Necklaces Carolina Benoit

There was nothing more inspiring than seeing Kate Moss wedding photographs in Vogue. She brought back romance in fashion. I loved this skirt the lace is super soft, and the waistband is so comfortable… I am also crazy about my new “monster shoes” (that is how my mom calls them) They make me look  7″ taller, and they are very comfortable.

Lots of people were asking me about buying my items online on christmas! Since I realize that the only reason people are hesitant to shop online is the shipping costs, I created a coupon you can use now: XMAS11  to receive free shipping at my online store http://www.etsy.com/shop/carolinabenoit

Also, all of my items come gift wrap, so no extra wrapping and packaging costs! Regarding shipping times: for people outside of the US, it takes up to 20 business days, inside of the US 3-5 business days. However, I always recommend when buying christmas presents to buy them on November. USPS always has a hard time keeping their shipping times.

If you have questions, contact me, I am always here to help my costumers!

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