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Turbans Turbans Turbans!

A couple of weeks ago I asked all of my Instagram friends which fabrics, textures or colors they wanted for the fall turban headbands and many replied: red velvet! So I made it happen. At the fabric store I found a rich hue of blue velvet and a fun black velvet with sparks of gold. I hope you like them!

What’s different about my turbans is that I use a lot of fabric for them, so they look full, and never like a simple headband. If you are not sure if a turban headband is for you, simply contact me and I can tell you which color or fabric is better for you. Some blondes look great with black and blue, while brunettes look better with red or royal blues… Christmas tip: these make great girlfriend’s gifts!

You can shop for them at the shop section of my website, or on Etsy: http://www.carolinabenoit.etsy.com

Have a great day! And spread the love please!

Photography by: Jackie Segedin, filter by Carolina Benoit. (Jackie doesn’t use a filter, I add the filter to keep the feel of my line) To see more of Jackie’s photography: www.threebrooklynphotography.com and follow her on Facebook: Three Brooklyn Photography.


Las Vegas And Her Sweet Side

Although WWDMAGIC, SOURCING, PROJECT and all the shows take most of my time, I can’t deny myself the tourist moments here in Las Vegas…
Las Vegas Blvd at 7am

Gelato from Cocolini at the Venetian Hotel

I Love the bright colors of these machines! 

Cocolini Gelato

Lonely Flowers 

The pink polka elephant in the room at Marc Jacobs 

Cesar’s Palace wearing a skirt from my Spring Collection (Etsy) The timeless J.crew denim shirt, and a Gap military jacket

Handpainted Venetian Masks

This trip has been an amazing learning experience for me! Attending WWDMAGIC  completely changed my “fashion mind” and I can’t wait to post all the different shows, designers, and information so you feel like you are learning here with me! 

In the meantime, on my brakes, I have taken pictures of the “romantic” side of Las Vegas… Enjoy them, and don’t forget to enter the Las Vegas giveaway! 

Coming Up:

 Trends (F/W13-14) ♥ Made IN America ♥ Up & Coming Designers 

Thank you for reading me! 


Stella and Lori

When I first opened my store I focused on finding one of a kind, high quality, gorgeous designs, but most importantly they had to be hand made! That’s how I came across Stella and Lori from Israel. These two Israeli sisters, inspired by their two grandmothers (Stella and Lori), embarked on a journey of creating leather products that are high quality, individually tailored and have a unique expression of each individual. These leather goods are for a very sophisticated consumer, not your average logo lover, but the true fashionista.


I leave it to these two very stylish girls to tell you a bit about themselves, and in the process share their secret to simple style.


CB: Describe your personal style :

SAL: The idea behind our personal style is combinations. Rough vs. soft, baggy vs. tight, Modern vs. vintage, minimalism vs. lots of details. We believe these combinations create an interesting and sophisticated look.

CB: Who are your favorite designers?

SAL: The designers that represent for us smart, creative and avant-garde design – out of the box design, are without a doubt the Swiss brothers from “Freitag House”. They use materials remote from the fashion world and yet they manage to turn it to fashionable, now that is pure genius.

CB: Where can we shop in Tel Aviv?

SAL: We love to shop in the flea market in Tel-Aviv, it merges the different worlds and connects between the contrasts and opposites of the city. Vintage items along side with cutting edge boutiques and brings together the various and diverse populations of the city.


CB: Who are your style icons?

SAL: Our grandmas, the dear ladies who immigrated to Israel from Europe, loved and appreciated fashion and knew to use it as a tool to express themselves and to strengthen women and femininity.

CB: Any pieces in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

SAL: Our must have item is the timeless leather jacket. We each have our favorite leather jacket that upgrades every appearance and with each passing year just seems to look better.


CB: Any recent purchases?
SAL: Another passion of ours, to be more exact addiction, is our love to wrapping and paper products. We recently purchased through Etsy (an amazing shopping site) lots of these products – yeah it is a weakness.

CB: Why shop at Stella and Lori?

SAL: To shop at Stella and Lori means that you appreciate design, uncompromising quality, style and originality. You are bold and your personal taste shows it.

CB: What is the best thing about your job?

SAL: Everything! We love our job. Love working together, the raw materials we use, the creation and working with our customers.

CB: Any beauty products you want to recommend? 
SAL:“The Cajun Shrimp OPI” nail polish – a classic color with a twist and a pretty funny name.

CB: What things (in life) you can’t live without. 
SAL: Family

Drop a line on their Facebook page: HERE, Shop their products HERE

OR… pass by my studio and snatch their wallets and bags! 🙂

White Chocolate and Raspberry

French Lace Blouse by Carolina Benoit, Black Silk Pants by Renatta Lozano

to Shop for the lace top : carolinabenoit.etsy.com

This summer calls for a sweet tooth in fashion, I really can’t stop thinking about cake, macaroon, candy and caramel! Anything sweet but how do we translate it into fashion? Sweet lace, Icing textures, candy colors and a lot of romance!

All of my new clothes come with handmade finishes, hand burnt, hand sewn, french seam, silk trims and with a chain and charm that is also a necklace. I specially loved this top because it is romantic, yet very versatile, we can wear it during the day with a cardigan and jeans, and at night with a pair of silk pants like the ones in the picture of Renatta Lozano (She is a Colombian Fashion designer, check her out HERE)

❤ Thank you to all of my new followers! Don’t forget to like me on Facebook (All of my promotions go to my Facebook followers HERE and if you love twitter like I do : @carobenoit11

Have a great week filled with sweet candy-like fashion! 


Why do flowers make us girls so happy?

Brocade Skirt Carolina Benoit, Gold Polka Dot Top WEAR&HOUSE, Earrings Maya Belle Jewelry at WEAR&HOUSE, Bracelet Quartz Carolina Benoit, Bracelet Band WEAR&HOUSE, Shoes Kate Spade.


Do you have your outfit for Valentine’s day yet? I have all of your needs, from cocktail dresses for a girl’s night out, to gorgeous looks for a love date…

While seasons ago brocade and polka dots were a faux pas today this combination is  a must have, this is the perfect date look, dress it down with a denim jacket, dress it up with a pair of heels.

Contact me for a complimentary personal styling appointment 🙂 or slip my website address to your man and friends so they know where to shop for your special V-DAY gift.